Lemon-Ginger Whipped Honey

Lemon-Ginger Whipped Honey

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In perfect harmony lives ginger, lemon, and honey. Ginger brings a slight sweetness mixed with a peppery bite. Lemon provides that juicy burst of acidity and bright citrusy aromas. Honey, of course, adds mellow florals and bold, velvety, sweetness. Our lemon-ginger honey is infused with dried lemon, dehydrated ginger root, black tea, and our wildflower honey. What's more, these ingredients will help you get through a cold ... fast! Spoon into a cup of tea or a fruit smoothie Spread on top of pancakes, waffles, or sugar cookies Use as a light drizzle over a chopped fruit salad.

About the Maker

We believe that our food is only as good as the ingredients used, which is why we pair our favorite bourbon, Woodford Reserve, with the best natural raw honey in the Carolinas, ours. Enjoy the smooth and sweet taste of honey with a hint of bourbon. Some things get better with age and this is one of them.

We found beekeeping in a wildly creative, out-of-the-box, Christmas gift kind of way and Cloister Honey was born. We’re dedicated to preserving the incredible flavor and healthful benefits of natural honey. Why do we care so much? The obvious reason is taste. Nature has done her job so well, we want to preserve the goodness. Our philosophy goes beyond honey. We believe that being connected to nature keeps life grounded and helps us develop a greater ability to find joy in simple pleasures.