Ritual Jewelry - Chandelier Earrings

Ritual Jewelry - Chandelier Earrings

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Sterling Silver Hook With Hanging And Movable Light Sterling Silver Pieces With Brass Drop And Details. Dimensions: 2"" L, 0.95"" W

Care Instructions: General: Remove jewelry before handling chemicals, household cleaners, exercising, or doing manual labor. Store jewelry individually in a soft cloth, small box or air-tight plastic bag to prevent marring with other pieces and the natural oxidation process which occurs with all metals over time. Avoid excessive bending All our earring hooks are sterling silver and all surfaces touching the skin are lined with Sterling Silver. Metals will naturally oxidize over time.

Maintenance: Use a jewelry polishing cloth to restore a high polish sheen. Be mindful that ALL of our products are handmade, and therefore may have slight variations in texture, shape, finish and size.


About the Maker

Over the years Christina has developed a caring relationship and a deep love for India and its people. Christina is not only committed to keep traditional handcrafted silversmith methods alive, she is also a sponsor of the Sambhali Trust. This is a non-profit charitable organization based in Jodhpur, India whose focus is the development and empowerment of women and girls in Rajasthan, through education and employment.