The Science of Tea Infuser Flask
The Science of Tea Infuser Flask

The Science of Tea Infuser Flask

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Now you can carry your favorite tea and your love of science with you throughout your day!

Modern science has revealed what people all around the world have known for centuries – tea is amazing! In addition to keeping your beverage insulated against temperature change, this double-walled glass infuser flask celebrates the complex array of molecules that give tea its unique qualities and flavors. Molecules such as theaflavin, which adds bitterness to black tea – or L-theanine, which alters your brain waves to promote relaxation. 

Brew your beverage using the removable basket or remove the basket to infuse with fruit/veggies.

About the Maker

Cognitive Surplus has been certified for their sustainability practices at the highest level by the city of Portland.

• They offset the entire carbon footprint of their company's energy usage, shipping of our products and, business travel and employee commutes through a partnership with

• They integrate individuals with disabilities into our workplace through a partnership with the Youth Transition Program.